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Montana is a big place. We have big sky, big mountains, and big vision. Just as explorers will be more successful navigating Northwest Montana with the help of a map, entrepreneurs will find big opportunity with the help of an expert. Let us be your guide.

Montana welcomes business. Our state consistently receives high scores from TaxFoundation.org for best business tax climate. The Kauffman Foundation ranks Montana as the number one state in the nation for the highest entrepreneurship rate. There is no sales tax here, and our state government is one of the few in the nation that operates in the black. With accessible elected officials and pro-business communities, the opportunities for growth are immense. Flathead County is the third fastest growing small county in the country.

At Montana West Economic Development (MWED), we harness local resources and business benefits to promote growth. We work everyday with entrepreneurs who want to relocate, start a new business, or expand existing operations. With specialists skilled in every aspect of our market, whether you need a loan or a shovel ready site, we have the expertise and the access to connect you with opportunities.

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Rebuilding Resources

  Continuing Education from our partner FVCC

  New Economic Analysis from BBER on the effects of Covid-19 in Montana.

  The SBA's Paycheck Protection Program PPP Information & Fact Sheet

  Kalispell Regional Healthcare has developed COVID-19 Educational Resources to access their most up-to-date information

  For COVID-19 assistance, the USDA has implemented Immediate Measures for Rural Residents, Businesses, and Communities


What MWED Can Do For Your Business

Financing your Business

Montana West makes business loans when a gap in financing exists, when bank lending or owner equity is not enough, our loan officer, Stephen Walter, will work with you to determine the best way to move forward. Montana West offers stand-alone loans, bank partnerships and participations, funding all business sectors resulting in employment opportunities for our citizens and purchasing from local service providers. We know where the finance resources are to accelerate your business plan.

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Grants, tax credits, and lower interest financial products are available in Montana for growing businesses. The most effective opportunities can be difficult to identify, but experts at Montana West will show you which incentives make sense for your business, then walk you through the steps of the application and implementation. Whether you are interested in learning about resources for workforce training, relocation assistance, business planning, agricultural grants or loans, or expanding business grants, we can help. Connect with Jerry Meerkatz at Montana West to discuss your business vision.

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Selling to the Government

Government agencies buy billions of dollars worth of goods and services from small businesses every year. This rewarding market is unique and we can assist your enterprise in government contracting. Take advantage of our PTAC Advisor, Christy Cummings Dawson. With her knowledge of government contracting, Christy will show you how to prepare your business to be competitive in the government marketplace, navigate the bidding process and make sure you receive payment.

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Kalispell Core & Rail Development

Our sister organization, the Flathead County Economic Development Authority (FCEDA), is spearheading the Kalispell Core & Rail Development Project. This ambitious plan will transform Kalispell by building an industrial park for rail-served businesses and removing railroad tracks that segment Kalispell’s Core Area, opening up 40+ acres along a pedestrian trail for new development. Redeveloping the transportation structure will improve overall traffic flow, walkability, and bikeability—all of which will contribute to the growth of a bustling core designed for commerce. Click below to learn more about the project, how to become a tenant, or to invest in this revitalization.


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