In 2023 Montana West Economic Development completed a new Flathead County 5-year Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS). This document was developed through a public process that included six community meetings around Flathead County, an online survey, and a joint strategy session with FCEDA and MWED Board Members. 

What is a CEDS?
A Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) is local economic development plan that guides the economic growth of an area. The United States Economic Development Administration, (EDA) notes that the purpose of a CEDS is to help, “… create jobs, foster more stable and diversified economies, and improve living conditions. It provides a mechanism for coordinating the efforts of individuals, organizations, local governments, and private industry concerned with economic development.” A CEDS should result from a planning process that involves broad community participation to identify strengths, threats and opportunities in the region. Through this process, the CEDS will establish a vision for the community and include goals and strategies that will help the community achieve this vision over the next five years.