PeerSpectives® is a unique roundtable system designed especially for leaders of second-stage companies. PeerSpectives® enhances leadership abilities and improves decision-making. These roundtables provide a confidential forum where participants can share challenges and experiences — and enhance their capabilities.


Who Should Join PeerSpectives?

PeerSpectives is a program for leaders of second stage companies–typically organizations with annual sales of more than $1 million and 10 employees or more. PeerSpectives benefits business leaders who are looking for more dedicated time to work on their business and improve their decision-making through support and connection with other dedicated entrepreneurs.

What Sets Peerspectives Apart?

• Trained facilitators.
• Experience sharing rather than advice giving.
• Participants come from noncompeting industries.
• Structured protocol that ensures balanced discussion and releases the group genius.

What to Expect

Time commitment: Roundtable sessions typically last two to three hours and are held on a monthly basis.
Cost: $1,000 for MWED Members, $1,200 for Non-Members
Benefits: The ability to discuss sensitive business challenges with peers who know what you’re going through; just-in-time solutions you can put into practice the same day.
Game rules: Confidentiality is crucial. What’s said in PeerSpectives stays in PeerSpectives. Participants share experiences, but don’t give advice.

“PeerSpectives is hands-down one of the best resources I’ve found as a CEO in a small market. The insights I’ve gained from my Peerspectives group are timely, relevant, and reassuring. It’s a safe place to ask the questions you can’t ask employees or friendly competitors. That, and I’ve met some amazing people in the group who I now count as good friends.” – Courtenay Sprunger, CEO of Big Sky PR


Join Peerspectives

Montana West Economic Development will be launching a new cohort of PeerSpectives in February 2022. Limited spaces are available. Download and return the application or complete the form below to apply.

PeerSpectives Application Form


Number of Employees

Annual Sales

Level and types of private and govt. funding

Roundtable Costs

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Applicant Agreement
If selected for the cohort I agree to pay the fee listed above for my participation in the 2022 PeerSpectives Program.