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Cybersecurity for Small Business: Steps to Take Today
Wednesday, May 15, 1- 2PM at MWED, 44 2nd Ave. W in Kalispell
Endpoint Utility Corporation and Montana West Economic Development are excited to invite you to Cybersecurity for Small Business: Steps to Take Today. As a business leader, this event will provide you with a unique opportunity for continued learning on the critical topic of cybersecurity, as well as peer networking and knowledge exchange.

Cybersecurity is essential when it comes to protecting your company, your data, and your customers’ data. But cybersecurity threats increase and change daily – and it’s very challenging to keep up. Small businesses are targeted far more frequently than large corporations, with 61% of all SMBs being victims of a cyberattack in the last year. (BlackFog)

Join us to learn the top 8 steps you can take today to improve your cybersecurity posture:  

Security leadership
Cloud-based tools
Endpoint monitoring
Multi-factor authentication
Data backups
Incident response
Patch management
Security training

This seminar is free but has limited space. Register today to confirm your spot!

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