Gateway Community Center looks to get a facelift

February 6, 2020 | KPAX | Maren Siu


Efforts are being made to revitalize the sleepy Gateway West Mall in Kalispell, now named the Gateway Community Center.

Years ago the Gateway West Mall was a bustling retail space, but since then it’s been home to 30 different non profits.

Montana Economic Development hopes to re-vitalize the space and bring in even more businesses.

For three months, Kim Morisaki will act as the Gateway Community Center’s property manager.

Her job, is to draw more non profits, governmental agencies and even a day care center into this space.

By doing so, she’s hoping to bring more people to the mall and bring more life into the building.

“As we continue to fill it up, that will allow us to actually bring that vibrancy out into the walking area, the center of the mall and out to the parking lot and new paint on the buildings, a new sign that says Gateway Community Center,” said Morisaki

Morisaki hopes to have new tenants in the building as soon as possible.

If you’re interested in being a part of Gateway Community Center please call Morisaki at 406-261-8831