Population & Income

Population and Income

Flathead County is the second fastest growing regional trade area in Montana, and according to the U.S. Census Bureau, Kalispell is the third-fastest growing micropolitan community in the United States. Gallatin County leads the state with population growth and is among the fastest growing in the nation. These counties are the top two economic performers in the state (U.S. Census data).


Flathead County Profile

County Population:  103,806  (July 2019, U.S. Census)

Columbia Falls:  5,876

Kalispell:  24,565

Whitefish:  8,295

State of Montana:  1,068,778

Flathead County average hourly wage:  $17.94

Flathead County annual wage:  $53,193

(Source: Montana Department of Labor, Research and Industry Analysis Bureau. All industries combined, 2018).

Median Housing Value


Flathead County Median Household Income


Population (2019)

Flathead County 103,806

Number of Housing Units