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PowerHouse Flathead is a division of PowerHouse Montana – a forum for women in the Flathead Valley who meet on a monthly basis to discuss and learn from one another in a casual, networking format. These events were created to encourage leadership, networking and mentorship among Montana women and girls, by providing a safe and engaging platform in which they can gather to share their life experiences and ideas. All meetings are free to attend and can be found on PowerHouse Flathead’s Facebook page, on Montana West Economic Development’s Calendar of Events, or on the PowerHouse Montana website.

PowerHouse Montana is a new initiative of the Women’s Foundation of Montana with two goals in mind: (1) connecting Montana women with the resources, mentors and opportunities they need to create thriving businesses and thriving lives, (2) increasing the number of Montana women in leadership by providing a go-to source for organizations and companies looking for their next CEO or board chair.

PowerHouse Montana offers quarterly educational webinars aimed at increasing the success of women in business and periodic gatherings and conferences to provide opportunities for cross-sector education, collaboration, innovation and idea sharing.

The Women’s Foundation of Montana believes that women are one of our greatest untapped resources. PowerHouse Montana is tapping into that resource. If you’ve been wondering what will fuel the next phase of economic growth and social innovation in Montana, look no further. Welcome to PowerHouse Montana.


  • In the U.S., women generally make about 80% less than men in wages
  • In Montana, women make about 70 cents to a man’s dollar
  • 33% of women in Montana age 25 and older now hold a bachelor’s degree or higher
  • Women managerial or professional occupations makes up 41.5% of all working women in the state
  • The current wage gap between men and women is not expected to close until year 2084.
  • 31.5% of businesses were owned by women in Montana
  • Women make up 28% of the state Leglislature
  • The difference between women’s and men’s median annual earnings, $14,000, would pay for 4.2 years of community college tuition in Montana
  • Montana’s grade for women’s Employment & Earnings, a D, is an improvement since the 2004 ‘Status of Women in the States’ report
  • Women in Montana aged 16 and older who work full-time, year-round have median annual earnings of $33,000.

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