Current Projects

Opportunity Zones

What They Are. How They Work. Why to Invest. Who They Benefit. Zones (OZ or O-Zones) were created as part of the 2017 tax reform deal, originally introduced in the Investing in Opportunity Act (IIOA) and enacted in 2017 as part of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. The initial concept was to bring forth a systematic approach to help solve the economic woes that... [more]

Kalispell Core & Rail Redevelopment

The Kalispell Core & Rail Redevelopment project is the result of five years of strategizing and partnership between the City of Kalispell and the Flathead County Economic Authority (FCEDA). Kalispell residents will enjoy entertainment, green space, increased walkability and safety in Kalispell’s Core Area; encouraging a larger retail presence at the heart of town. The... [more]