an experienced, trusted advisor and coach.

Mentoring is an integral part of the workplace for as long as workplaces have existed. Mentoring is an effective way for people to learn and develop new skills, to understand how to deal with people and problems.

At Montana West Economic Development resides a talented group of individuals who are successful entrepreneurs willing to advise those of you with challenges in starting or building your business. Montana West maintains a mentor database and matches mentors based on their area of expertise.

A few areas where our mentors can assist you and your business:

  • Marketing for results
  • Analyzing customer channels
  • How to conduct market research
  • How to prepare and approach a lender
  • Preparing your business for the marketplace
  • How to work with investors for funding a business
  • Determine if your financial projections are realistic
  • How to approach suppliers for investing into your business
  • What resources are available to assist your business launch or expansion

Connect with Montana West to discuss your mentoring needs.