The infrastructure supporting the Flathead Valley works to the advantage of businesses operating in the region. The transportation and logistical infrastructure seamlessly connects air, rail, and road – to enable companies to move goods and tap into new markets. The communities of Kalispell, Whitefish, Columbia Falls, Bigfork, Evergreen and Lakeside/Somers comprise a large part of the Flathead Valley.

Internet Service: Multiple internet service providers are competing for business, including nationwide CenturyLink, and locally grown Montana Sky Networks. Get 20GB per second connectivity in the more dense populated neighborhoods and downtowns.

You can be anywhere in the Flathead Valley and you’ll have access to the only tier one connection in Montana with fiber connectivity, as well as redundancy to one of the largest national and global fiber networks in the world, with over 500,000 miles of global fiber.
-Dorothea Schaeffer, AOM, CenturyLink

Resources Available from the 2018 Community Broadband Initiative

Rail Network: The BNSF Railway operates on 2,129 miles of track. Montana is the origination point for significant volumes of grain, coal, lumber and other commodities. Montana also serves as a bridge route for traffic to and from the northwest. BNSF has spurs in Whitefish, Kalispell, and Columbia Falls. Amtrak’s “Empire Builder” arrives twice daily at the Historic Whitefish Train Depot, major points of departure being: Minneapolis, Chicago, Portland, and Seattle.

Road Access: Highway 93 is the busiest non-interstate highway in the state, winding north 66 miles to Eureka, and intersecting 121 miles south with I-90 in Missoula. Highway 2 connects to the Alberta, Canada border in just two hours. 

Public Transportation: Flathead County Eagle Transit

Transportation Systems Systems Providers
Airports -Glacier Park International Airport
-Kalispell Municipal Airport
-Glacier Jet Center at GPIA
Rail -Amtrak (Passenger)
Taxi -Kalispell Taxi & Airport Shuttle
-Whitefish Taxi LLP.
Public Transportation -Flathead County Eagle Transit

GPIA Airlines Direct Flights
Allegiant -Las Vegas, NV
-Oakland, CA
Delta / Skywest -Atlanta, GA (seasonal)
-Minneapolis, MN
-Salt Lake City, UT
Alaska Airlines -Seattle, WA
-Portland, OR
United -Chicago, IL (seasonal)
-Denver, CO

City Days By Rail
(from Kalispell)
Days By Freight
(from Kalispell)
Billings, MT 7 Overnight-Next Business Day
Boise, ID n/a 2 Business Days
Chicago, IL 7 3-4 Business Days
Denver, CO 7 2 Business Days
Los Angeles, CA 10 3-4 Business Days
Minneapolis, MN 7 3-4 Business Days
Pheonix, AZ 10 3-4 Business Days
Portland, OR 2 Overnight-Next Business Day
Salt Lake City, UT n/a Overnight-Next Business Day
Seattle, WA 2 Overnight-Next Business Day
Spokane, WA 1 Overnight-Next Business Day

Attraction Mileage (from Kalispell)
Glacier National Park 34 miles
Whitefish Lake 19 miles
Flathead Lake 10 miles
Missoula 121 miles
Spokane 237 miles
Seattle 515 miles
Canadian Border 140 miles

Flathead Electric Cooperative provides the juice to the core of Flathead County.

The average residential rates (2015)

1,000 kWh /monthly       Basic charge       Energy block 1

$89.21                                      $22.71                    0.06090

NorthWestern Energy provides natural gas to the incorporated cities.

NorthWestern Energy’s natural gas average rate per thermo (July 2015)

Residential       Commercial

$1.21                       $1.04

Residential Rates
Sun River Electric (Demand Charge=$1.00/kW)
Beartooth Electric (Decrease)
Northwestern Energy
Portland General Electric
PacifiCorp (OR)
Northern Lights
Puget Sound Electric
Glacier Electric
Ravalli County Electric
Snohomish PUD
Black Hills Power & Light (WY)
Lincoln Electric Cooperative
Missoula Electric Cooperative (MT)
Idaho Power Company
Kootenai Electric Cooperative
Flathead Electric (NWMT) Existing
Avista Corporation
Montana-Dakota Utilities (MT)
Marias River Electric
Vigilante Electric
Mission Valley


1,000 kWh / Month Basic Charge Energy Charge: Block 1 Energy Charge: Block 2 Energy Charge: Block 3
$126.44 $34.00 0.08340
$125.74 $33.50 0.11943
$117.77 $5.30 0.11247
$116.51 $10.00 0.10601 0.11323
$109.37 $9.50 0.09987 0.11987
$108.70 $28.00 0.08070 0.10080
$103.41 $7.87 0.09554 0.11436
$102.00 $28.00 0.07400
$98.34 $33.50 0.06420 0.06580 0.06740
$98.07 $15.51 0.09879
$97.00 $14.00 0.08300
$95.50 $30.00 0.06550
$95.00 $26.00 0.06900 0.07160
$94.18 $5.00 0.08570 0.10310 0.12250
$93.60 $19.50 0.07410 0.08125
$89.21 $22.71 0.06090 0.07491 0.10936
$86.57 $8.50 0.07565 0.08773 0.10255
$86.03 $5.48 0.06602 0.08482
$82.45 $14.00 0.06845
$81.00 $23.00 0.05800
$77.70 $12.00 0.06570
Regional Residential Rates